ERP Modules

Electronic Accounting Module

This module will allow you to register, consult, and keep up to date with the company’s and SAT’s operations in “real time” or online. The tool also generates reports for the company or for SAT.


  • Manage all the currency types you need.
  • Generate automatic notices for users.
  • Present information in XML.

Payable Accounts Module

Take control of your company’s operations by keeping a registry of payable accounts, whether there are for employees, providers or creditors. This tool validates CFDI (Online Fiscal Digital Receipts) automatically.


  • Concepts of payments management.
  • Invoices reading directly from SAT portal.
  • Automatic inscription of providers.

Collectible Accounts Module

This module allows you to control collectible accounts through old balances. Our tool manages information according to each department, always in real time.


  • Several companies in only one system.
  • Register rents, subscriptions or equals.
  • Learn the antiquity of collectible accounts and access stamps.

Treasury Module

Treasury is one of the most delicate aspects of a company, therefore, no mistakes can be made. This module allows you to control cash flows and generate dispersion files.


  • Manage the decision-making
  • Generate folios for bank files.
  • Necessary information for fulfillment of SAT’s requirements.

Intercompany Module

If your company works with other companies, it’s important that they know and control accounting and financial matters. With this tool, they can find out about payable and collectible accounts.


  • Avoid triangulation of information among companies.
  • Save time and avoid delays between companies.
  • Keep registry and status of accounts.

Expenses Module

If your company demands employees to take periodic travels, it’s important to keep a registry to have control of each trip. With this tool, learn their expenses and validate expenses with receipts or XML.


  • Control the necessary activities for each employee when they travel.
  • Employees are responsible for validating their expenses through receipts.
  • Control the assignment of transportation fees for each employee.

Providers Portal

Although providers may be external employees, they impact the company in a direct way. That’s why it’s important that they also have access to internal portals. In this module, they will be able to upload and learn the status of their invoices.


  • Control payments in a quick and simple way.
  • Receive notifications of the invoices status.
  • Avoid calls or emails for clarifications, and receive answers through the module.

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