Payroll Module

Calculate, control, stamp and generate all the needed files for payroll payments and their correspondent taxes. This tool is always updated with the latest fiscal and labor requirements, and it has online support in case of doubts with your payroll operations.


  • Avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.
  • Organized and on time payroll.
  • Unique payroll SaaS (Software as a Service) in Mexico.

Employees Assistance Module

Sometimes it’s complicated to know the time your employees arrive and leave the office. This module helps you keeps registry and control of this matter. Also, through this option, you can communicate new rules and politics to your employees.


  • Learn about your employee’s schedule.
  • Definition of rules and politics.
  • Improve their efficiency and productivity.
  • Report incidents to the Payroll Module.
  • Achieve your institutional goals.

Employees Kiosk

Certainly, employees find it easier to consult their payroll receipts online, instead of asking for them through a whole process with the correspondent area. Also, in this module, they can apply for loans and other benefits.


  • Avoid delays in payroll receipts.
  • Use your digital receipt for different procedures.
  • Apply for loans and benefits.

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