Discover our modules and all the benefits each one of them offers:


Payroll Module

  • Calculation of payroll.
  • Files for payroll payments.
  • Fulfillment of taxes.
  • Stamped receipts.
  • Fiscal and labor updates included.
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Employees Assistance Module

  • Rules and access politics.
  • Connected to payroll module.
  • Schedule control.
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Employees Kiosk

  • Online access to receipts and stamps.
  • Online application for loans or benefits.
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Electronic Accounting Module

  • Electronic invoicing and collecting.
  • Real-time and online registry of the company’s and SAT’s (Tributary authority in Mexico) operations.
  • Reports for the company and for SAT’s requirements.
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Payable Accounts Module

  • Online registry and consultation of the company’s and SAT’s operations.
  • Automatic XML downloads from SAT.
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Collectible Accounts Module

  • Real-time and online registry and control of collectible debts from services or products.
  • Digital folios.
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Treasury Module

  • Cash flow control.
  • Dispersion files.
  • Uploading payments through bank files.
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Intercompany Module

  • Reflection of payable and collectable accounts.
  • Save time by avoiding delays between companies.
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Expenses Module

  • Control of travel expenses.
  • Vouchers in XML or receipts.
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Providers Portal

  • Payments control.
  • Upload and download of invoices.
  • Notifications from status changes.
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Governmental ERP

  • Calculation of payroll.
  • Generation of files for payroll payments.
  • Fulfillment of taxes.
  • Stamped receipts.
  • Fiscal and labor updates included.
  • Management reports.
  • Budget integration by areas.
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One-stop-shop customized service

In Feraz we know that each company is unique. That’s why we offer module flexibility so that you choose only the ones your business needs.

Complementary Services

We are part of Grupo Administrategia, so we can also offer audit, consultancy, leasing, Human Resources and Digital Marketing services for your company.


Feraz is a payroll and accounting system that functions via the internet with the purpose of helping micro, small and medium companies to improve their decision making processes in real time.

It’s undeniable that we are living in the digital era, and those companies that don’t adapt to the new technologies can lose clients or disappear. With Feraz you will save time and resources, by having every document, transaction, and operation in the cloud, which you can access at any place and at any time.

Of course, Feraz is a software that has different modules. We offer flexibility so that you can hire the ones you think necessary for the operations of your company.

It’s important for you to know that Feraz won’t replace the employees of areas like accounting or finances, actually, it will make their job quicker, safer, simpler and more efficient. By having all your documents in the cloud, you can avoid mistakes, losses or delays.

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